Desktop Notifications..

Now YOU have the power..

To change the way you reach new customers...

Did You Know That...


Of people complete the bulk of their work in front of their computer each and everyday?



Another 23% of people continue doing work related tasks on their home computer after regular work hours?

As reported by the American Time Use Survey

What does that mean for you

As A Business Owner?

It means a great opportunity to expand  your marketing efforts to an area where many businesses and marketing agencies are aware of….that’s right….Desktop Notifications. 

Also known as Desktop Marketing, these notifications take your marketing to the next level. As you saw from the statistics mentioned above, potential clients are generally at their computers for a big portion of their day, even at that, they continue to maintain their connectivity to the internet after work hours. 

What a great way to market to these new or repeat clients.

If you’re like us, you’ve seen those little pop-up windows that come across your screen such as the sample you see next to this section….. Look familiar?

It should!

We’ve all been exposed to these little, subtle notifications that inform us that you may have a new email in your inbox, you have a new message in Facebook, you get the idea! 

Now you have the opportunity to utilize the same principles that these big companies pay big bucks for, but don’t worry, your cost won’t be but a fraction of what these big companies actually pay for, and the best thing is, we do all the work for you!

So How Does This Work?
How Can I Capitalize On Desktop Notifications?
Does This Really Work for My Business?

Let's take a look at an Example..

Test Subject: Restaurant


You are a restaurant manager/owner and you’re hoping for a good lunch rush. You have some great specials to promote, but you don’t know how to get the word out. The lunch rush comes and goes and you end up with an average day…

restaurant with no desktop notifications
success with desktop notifications

Scenario 2:

Now let’s take a look at the same scenario utilizing desktop notifications. 

You’ve had your staff trained on getting your customers to subscribe to your notifications via your website (if you don’t have a website, click here first). 

Now you’ve arranged with us a push message at 11am today with a special promotion on your entre. At 11am, all your subscribers receive a notification on their screen with your special, the rest as they say, is history.

You just sent your hundreds of subscribers a promo right about the time they are making lunch plans with either friends or collegues! 

Talk About A Gamechanger!!!

Does This Really Work for My Business?
Below is a Short List of Businesses that Benefit from Desktop Notifications






Karate Schools

Ballet Schools

Fitness Centers

Doughnut Shops


Retail Shops

Pet Groomers

Mechanic Shops

Body Shops

Oil Change locations

Car Washes

Pawn Shops

The list goes on and on and on.... get the point?

What Kind of Notifications Can I Send?

It's Really Up to You!
You Can Send




Links to Blog Posts

And More

And As they say, the Sky's the Limit...

So How Do I Get Started You Ask?

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