Proximity Marketing in Brownsville TX

What is Proximity Marketing ?
How Does It Work?

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Let’s take a typical store front owner. Our storefront owner sets up your traditional signage with discounts and coupons and all that great stuff. The problem is that only those people that walk by can and may see it. We say “may” as there may be many other distractions taking place at the moment they walk by your store. So they odds are stacked against the business owner at these hundreds of people walking by their store even noticing their discounts or specials.

But what do all these people have in common?

That’s right! They all have mobile devices with BT or BLE enabled.

Proximity marketing works best with your local community app (we’ll tell you about more about that in a minute) and the best part is… it’s FREE to download. Now, the best marketing has always been and still is … word of mouth. So, we give you all the tools you need to spread the word to your customers about this new “community app” designed to help local businesses compete against the franchises, etc.

Now here’s the beauty of BT. Remember in our previous example how the store owner put up signs that may or may not get noticed? Well, now we can push the store owner’s coupons through the community app and guess what? 9 times out of 10, a typical person looks at their mobile phone whenever an alert comes in, only this time, this alert is from our store owner pushing his 20% off coupon. And unlike a traditional sign in your window, anyone within a 260’ distance from a specialized beacon we send you will receive your notification. How great is that!

So the power of Bluetooth is definitely in your favor and oh, before we forget, unlike those other notifications or even a traditional coupon, it does not get deleted or thrown away but saved to the app on their device.

Now your next question may be: How do I know if it’s right for my business?

  • Does my business rely on new customers?
  • Does my business rely on repeat customers?
  • Do I need a way to target more customers?
  • Do the majority of my customers have cell phones?
  • Do I need a more affordable method of bringing in clients

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